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25 February 2024 [11:43] - Today.Az

Laman Ismayilova

Traditional Japanese sword fighting performance has been demonstrated in Azerbaijan, Azernews reports.

TATE Hatoryu NY, a training dojo and production company, delivered a jaw-dropping display of Japanese martial arts for Baku residents and the city`s guests.

Tate is one of Japan's traditional performing arts and is not a match against another competitor. It is one of the performing methods that creates realistic and dynamic fighting scenes by working collaboratively with one's partner.

The electrifying atmosphere crackled with anticipation at the International Mugham Center as the founder of the TATE Hatoryu NY Kyo Kasumi briefed the audience about samurai knights and unveiling the main steps of their legendary fights.

Note that Kyo Kasumi is the first and only female stunt coordinator and fight director in America specializing in TATE: Japanese sword fighting and other Japanese combat styles.

After training and working with master Masatsugu Takase in Japan for 15 years, she relocated to New York where she opened her own TATE and stunt training dojo in White Plains in 2014.

The dojo has since become a training hub for a wide range of students from professional actors to beginners and children.

In Baku, TATE Hatoryu NY flawlessly recreated epic battle scenes of samurais, transporting spectators on a thrilling journey through time.

Their dedication to preserving these sacred techniques was evident in every fluid movement, every resounding strike that echoed through the air, a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence.

The audience members were also invited to participate and engage with artists in a dynamic and immersive performance.

As the final echoes of battle faded into the night, Kyo Kasumi expressed heartfelt thanks to Azerbaijan for the warm embrace they had received.

This gesture further solidified the bond between the performers and the audience, creating a truly unforgettable experience for all involved.

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