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08 February 2021 [10:00] - Today.Az

By Azernews

By Laman Ismayilova

Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum has displayed art works of Honored Artist Inna Kostina.

The exhibition "KotoBatiki" features 40 panels in the batik technique on silk. The heroes of Inna Kostina's works are lazy and playful cats.

"Last January I was in America, and there, in the town of Portland, every day after lunch fat, arrogant, self-sufficient American cats went out for a walk. They behaved like the owners not only of the streets and cities, but also as the masters of life ... Of course, the cats caught my attention...," the artist told Trend Life.

Upon returning home, she decided to continue the theme, and local cats became the heroes of the works. The artist  as interested in portraying human characters by projecting them onto cats.

In the course of creating her works, Inna Kostina had an idea to publish the book "KotoBatiki"

"My friend from St. Petersburg, Elena Skvortsova, wrote poetry to my batiks, and we decided to publish the book of the same name", the artist said.

As part of the event, Inna Kostina also conducts master classes which aroused great interest among museum visitors.

Notably, the event  is organized in accordance with sanitary and epidemiological requirements.

The exhibition will run until February 18.

Inna Kostina is a member of Artists’ Union and a member of Filmmakers’ Union of Azerbaijan. The artist is a laureate as well as of local and international competition.

Over the past years, the artist has taken part in  more than 250 various exhibitions. Inna Kostina is famous as an original painter as well as one of the best silk painting specialist on the batik technique.

Since 1987 her works have been represented at the museums and galleries in countries like Azerbaijan, Russia, Georgia, Italy and many others.

Founded in 1967, the National Carpet Museum holds more than 14,000 exhibits of the finest Azerbaijani carpets.

The museum, initiated by eminent carpet artist Latif Karimov, is beautiful inside and out. The museum's new building is designed in the form of a rolled carpet.

Now, the museum hosts multiple events, including international symposiums, conferences and various exhibitions.

In 2019, the museum received the national status for its significant contribution in popularization and promotion of the Azerbaijani Carpet Weaving Art.

In 2020, the Carpet Museum enriched its collection with beautiful pile carpets purchased by the Culture Ministry at Sartirana Textile Show in Italy.

The 19th century Guba carpet "Ugakh" was donated to the Carpet Museum, while Karabakh carpet "Chelebi" enriched the collection of the museum's Shusha branch.

The Carpet Museum also focuses on cooperation with the world leading museum organizations.

The exhibition "Echo of Soviet Azerbaijan. Carpet. Embroidery. Poster " held at the Museum of Oriental Art in Moscow in partnership with the Mardjani Foundation and the exhibition named "Azerbaijani carpets in the collection of the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art held in Istanbul are among such projects.

Moreover, the Carpet Museum won Travelers' Choice Awards for the fourth time in a row last year.

The award proves once again that the professional activity of the National Carpet Museum is highly appreciated by visitors from all over the world.

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