Today.Az » Business » 39,5% GDP growth in Azerbaijan during January-April
18 May 2006 [09:26] - Today.Az
GDP production in Azerbaijan totaled AZN4 477,9 million or 39,5% more than last year’s figure, with comparative prices. GDP per capita reached AZN537,4 or $US589,2 increasing by 38,5%. State Statistical Committee informs.

GDP production during January-April shares AZN3 030,2 million (67,6%) with economy’s production fields, AZN1 118,2 million (25%) with service industry. Value added in aforementioned fields increased 58,7% and 9,1% respectively. Net taxes to production and import composed 7,4% in GDP.

Values added made up to AZN2 553,1 million (57% in GDP), AZN76,3 million (1,7%) in agriculture, hunting and wood industry, AZN400,7 million (8,9%) in construction, AZN276,3 million (6,2%) in transport, AZN88 million (2%) in communications, AZN318,6 million (7,1%) in retail and wholesale sectors and in automobile, recycle and personnel possessions repair services and AZN403 million (9%) in hotel and restaurant service industries.

75,7% (51,2% in GDP) of value added in production fields was produced in gas output and oil processing sectors with 80% value added. Moreover noteworthy promotion was also in non-oil sector with value added increase by 9,4%, APA reports.

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