Today.Az » Business » T-bills in volume of AZN 2 million placed in Baku Stock Exchange
26 January 2006 [03:05] - Today.Az
A regular auction on placement of T-bills with the state registration number 10200313S of the Ministry of Finance was held in the Baku Stock Exchange (BSE).

As APA reports, 4 investors participated in the auction and total volume of submitted orders formed AZN 3302400 at face-value. Orders were submitted in price level 96.98% at face value (rate of return – 12.49%) – 97.20% (rate of return – 11.55%).

The Ministry of Finance set cut off prices on competitive orders in amount of 97.11% (rate of return – 11.93%) and weighted average price 97.16% (rate of return – 11.72%). Volume of issue realized at face-value was determined in amount of AZN 2 million including AZN 398.8 thousand of non-competitive orders. Maturity date of the loans is April 24, 2006.

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