Today.Az » Business » Arif Veliyev: "Inflation is expected to be 8-9% this year"
24 January 2006 [03:12] - Today.Az
Rate of inflation is expected to be under 10% in Azerbaijan this year.

As APA reports, the chair of the State Statistical Committee Arif Veliyev informing journalists about it said that inflation is forecasted to form 8-9% in 2006.

As to the chair of the Committee, the main factor stimulating inflation this year will be increase in purchasing capacity like in the previous year: "Inflation must exist because income and salary of population grow".

According to A.Veliyev, depending on the level of inflation, cost of basket of goods is also expected to increase from AZM 260 thousand of the beginning of the year to AZM 286 thousand.

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