Today.Az » Business » Heydar Babayev thinks that fares in transport most likely not to be raised this year
18 January 2006 [04:45] - Today.Az
The Ministry of Transport has already submitted its proposals on increasing fares in transport to the Tariff Council.

As APA reports according to the words of the Minister of Economic Development Heydar Babayev, the appeal of the Ministry of Transport will be discussed in a meeting of the Tariff Council planned to be held next week.

"Calculations conducted by the Tariff Council on the basis of appeals revealed that some numbers indicated in the proposals are incorrect", - saying H.Babayev stressed that fares in transport most likely will not be raised this year. Besides, the Minister noted that AZAL and Baku Metro offer to increase prices.

"The proposals of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies will also be discussed in the meeting to be held net week. The last proposal aims to increase the subscription fee and, instead of this, decrease international and long-distance call fees. This proposal will be probably adopted".

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