Today.Az » Business » Garadagh Cement will increase salary of its workers by 12 % and invest 7 million in 2006
13 December 2005 [18:14] - Today.Az
In 2006 Garadagh Cement joint-stock company plans to invest $7 million in Azerbaijan, Uwe Koehler, said the chairman of Management Board of Garadagh Cement.

Koehler said that the funds will be directed at the production, including a construction of a new electric substation. Besides, the company plans to produce 1.3 million tons of cement in 2006 just like in 2005.

Garadagh Cement currently has 550 employees and the salaries will be increased by 12% on the average in 2006, Koehler underlined.

In 2004 investments in Garadagh Cement comprised $6.5 millions and production reached 1.36 million tons, which is up 398,000 tons, or 41.4%.


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