Today.Az » Business » Turkish fishermen take BTC to court
13 December 2005 [17:59] - Today.Az
The Turkish fishermen have appealed to a court as a sign of protest against Turkish authorities that prohibited residents of coastal regions of Iskenderun Gulf to fish in the area ranging 3 km from the Black sea port of Ceyhan, where finishes Bakut-Tbilisi-Ceyhan.

100 fishermen demand from the BTC a compensation in the amount of 3 million Turkish lires ($2,220 million).

The appeal was made following an announcement by BOTAS company, which stressed that the step was taken in accordance with the resolution by the BTC operators.

In the beginning the fishermen demanded from the BTC to purchase big fishing vessels to enable them to fish in the internal waters of the country. However, the BTC stated that it had allocated $ 6 million for social and ecological purposes and does not have any further plans on new investments in this direction.

The local authorities prohibited fishing not only in the zone of the port, but several kilometers away from the sea terminal.


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