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15 July 2017 [11:32] - Today.Az

By Trend

Azerbaijan’s Tariff (Price) Council said in a message posted on its website that it decided to increase the retail price for 92 RON gasoline by 20 qepik (nearly 12 cents as of July 15).

In accordance with the decision of the council, starting from July 15, the 92 RON gasoline costs 90 qepik (nearly 53 cents as of July 15).

Though the prices have changed, the retail price of 92 RON gasoline in Azerbaijan remains lower compared to the price in most countries of the CIS and the South Caucasus.

To date, the retail price of one liter of 92 RON gasoline in Georgia is 86 cents, Russia - 61 cents, Belarus - 59 cents and in Ukraine - 98 cents.

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