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Azerbaijani NGOs Appeal to UN Security Council, Secretary General over Armenian attack on Ganja

17 October 2020 [13:40] - TODAY.AZ

The non-government organizations (NGOs) in Azerbaijan have appealed to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and Security Council demanding to stop and punish the terrorist state of Armenia, Trend reports citing the appeal.

“We would like to inform you that at around 01 AM on October 17, Armenia once again attacked Ganja, the second largest city of Azerbaijan, firing a SCUD / Elbrus ballistic missile on the densely populated block of the city, killing 13 people and injuring more than 40. Among the dead and injured were the children, women, and elderly people.

This is the third time in the last two weeks that the city of Ganja has come under heavy rocket fire from Armenia, and so far 27 civilians have been killed and more than 100 injured.

The bombing of the Ganja, the city with a population of more than 500,000 people situated far from the conflict zone, without any military necessity by the Armenian political-military leadership, the deliberate and indiscriminate use of powerful destructive missiles such as SCUDs to kill innocent civilians will be included in the history books as the bloodiest war crime committed against humanity in the 21st century.

It is not only this act of savagery, barbarism, and terrorism committed by Armenia in the eyes of the whole world that worries and deeply concerns the Azerbaijani public, it is also seriously infuriated and disturbed by the silence about the human tragedy, genocide, and war crimes committed in Ganja of the UN Security Council, which must stop and punish the aggressors around the globe and was established for this purpose by the world community.

It is clear to everyone that the order to hold deliberate and mass massacre of the civilian population of Ganja was given personally by Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan and Minister of Defense David Tonoyan, and this order was carried out immediately. According to the UN Charter, international law and international humanitarian law, at least Pashinyan and Tonoyan, who issued the order, and other military personnel who carried out this order should be declared the war criminals, and the UN Security Council procedures should be applied to arrest and punish them immediately.

This time, if the UN Security Council again remains silent about the crime committed by Armenia, it will mean the full protection of Armenia, the aggressor, and the murderer of the children, as well as the justification and complicity in the international crimes committed by it. And history will not forgive anyone for this.

Therefore, we, the Azerbaijani NGOs that signed this appeal, urge the UN Security Council to urgently convene and strongly condemn Armenia's crimes against humanity and use its mandate to take appropriate steps to deservedly punish Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and Defense Minister David Tonoyan who ordered to bomb the Ganja city, killing a large number of civilians.

Signed by:

1. Ms. Sureyya Mammadova – Head of the “Actor” Public and Social Research Public Union

2. Mr. Sahib Mammadov - Citizens' Labor Rights Protection League;

3. Mr. Sabit Baghirov – Head of the Foundation for Support to Entrepreneurship and Market Economy Development;

4. Ms. Asmaye Javadova – Head of the “Vafa” Women Intellectuals Public Union;

5. Mr. Samyar Abdullayev – Head of the “Visually Impaired People Society of Azerbaijan” Public Union;

6. Ms. Naiba Behbudova – Head of the “Ghurur” Charitable Public Association of Martyrs Families;

7. Ms. Zeynab Hajiyeva – Head of the “Chirag” Child Development Center Public Union;

8. Ms. Parvana Talibova – Head of the Free Teachers' Organization Public Union;

9. Mr. Famil Hajiyev – Head of the Disabled Intellectuals Public Union;

10. Ms. Tarana Pashayeva – Head of the Psychological Services and Research Center Public Union;

11. Mr. Gasim Hasanov – Head of the Support to Social Development Public Union;

12. Ms. Zenfira Mustafayeva – Head of the Women's Initiatives and Social Issues Assistance Public Union;

13. Ms. Shehla Khalili – Head of the “Miras” Social Organization in Support of Studying of Cultural Heritage;

14. Ms. Jamila Abdulova – Head of the Social Assistance to Persons with Hearing and Speech Limitations Public Union;

15. Mr. Vagif Amikishiyev – Head of the “Youth and Enlightenment” Public Union;

16. Mr. Afig Mammadov – Head of the “Add?m” Youth Development Center ;

17. Mr. Nabil Seyidov – Head of the “Hopeful Future” Public Union;

18. Mr. Javid Shahverdiyev – Head of the Azerbaijan Center for the Development of Democratic Reforms;

19. Mr. Hafiz Azammadov – Head of the Azerbaijan Young Marketers-Advertisers Public Union;

20. Mr. Gafgaz Damirov – Head of the Gubadli district Literary Public Union named after Suleyman Rahimov;

21. Mr. Hasan Hasanzada – Head of the AEGEE Baku;

22. Mr. Sultan Azimzade – Head of the “20 January” Public Union;

23. Ms. Mehriban Abdullayeva – Head of the “Protection of Democratic Society and Women’s Rights” Public Union;

24. Ms. Fatima Hajibayli – Head of the “Vefa” Support for Solving Social Problems Public Union;

25. Mr. Javidan Aghazade – Head of the “Dostlug” Youth Coordination Center Public Union;

26. Mr. Tofig Aghahuseynov – Head of the Organization for War, Labor and Armed Forces Veterans’ of the Republic of Azerbaijan – Republican Veterans’ Organization;

27. Ms. Jamila Karimova – Head of the “Assistance to Children in Need of Special Care and their Families” Public Union;

28. Ms. Aida Safarova – Head of the “Silent World” Support for Disabled People and Athletes Using Sign Language Public Union;

29. Mr. Amid Hasanguliyev – Head of the Azerbaijan Support for Disabled Cyclists Public Union;

30. Mr. Rovshan Agamaliyev – Head of the “Assistance to the Families of Martyrs and Protection of their Rights” Public Union ;

31. Ms. Sudaba Shiraliyeva – Head of the “Women and Modern World” Center Public Union;

32. Mr. Ismayil Aghayev – Head of the International Diaspora Center Public Union;

33. Ms. Ziba Nabiyeva – Head of the “Women's Initiative for Development” Public Union;

34. Mr. Sabuhi Abbasov – Head of the Azerbaijani-Slavic Youth Association Public Union;

35. Mr. Mohubbali Naghiyev – Head of the “Balance” Economic Awareness Public Union;

36. Mr. Ramil Goyushov – Head of the West-Resource Civil Society Development Support Public Union;

37. Ms. Mehriban Zeynalova – Head of the “Clean World” Aid to Women Public Union

38. Mr. Salim Balayev – Head of the Public Union of Ecological Enlightenment "Ecolog-2010"

39. Mr. Abil Zeynalov – Head of the “Support to IDP War Veterans” Public Union

40. Ms. Nigar Mansimova – Head of the “Place of Hope” Charitable Society Public Union

41. Mr. Bakhtiyar Aliyev – Head of the International Law Association Public Union

42. Ms. Matanat Guliyeva – Head of the “Free Thought” Social Development Assistance Public Union

43. Ms. Gulghadam Mirzazade – Head of the Public Association for Support of Women's Social Development in Neftchala

44. Mr. Nadir Ismayilov – Head of the Chairman of the Central Asia and South Caucasus Freedom of Expression Network Public Union

45. Mr. Elchin Guliyev – Head of the Healthy Life Promotion Public Union

46. Mr. Yashar Zeynalov – Head of the Broadcasting Association Public Union

47. Mr. Natig Ahmadov – Head of the “Kind Mother” Childcare Public Union

48. Mr. Agil Maharramov – Head of the Azerbaijan Children’s Fund Public Union

49. Mr. Mahammad Valiyev – Head of the Azerbaijan Afghan Veterans' Public Union

50. Ms. Shahla Nagiyeva – Head of the “Unquenchable Flame” Cultural Relations Public Union

51. Ms. Afat Alishova – Head of the “Support to the Development of Book Distribution” Public Union

52. Mr. Fazil Abbasov – Head of the Journalists' Association of the Member States of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation

53. Ms. Gulsara Hasanova – Head of the Education Support Center Public Union

54. Ms. Bullur Mammadova – Head of the Promotion of Culture and National Traditions Public Union

55. Mr. Nail Shukurov – Head of the “Ufug” PUBLIC UNION for the Youth Development

56. Mr. Gulabala Mustafayev – Head of the Support for Scientific Creativity Public Union

57. Ms. Bahar Gasimova – Head of the “Azerbaijan Women’s Republican Society” Public Union

58. Ms. Gunel Murselli – Head of the “Support for the Promotion of Secularism and Enlightenment Public Union

59. Mr. Khalid Kazimov – Head of the Regional Human Rights and Media Center Public Union

60. Mr. Elchin Mirzabayli – Head of the Baku Oratory School Public Union

61. Mr. Mursal Behbudlu – Head of the “Mil” PUBLIC UNION for social and economic enlightenment

62. Ms. Shargiya Dadashova – Head of the Regional Gender Center Public Union

63. Mr. Faig Ismayilov – Head of the Public Union for the Protection of Historical and Cultural Monuments in the Occupied Territories of Azerbaijan

64. Ms. Tarana Musayeva – Head of the Yasamal District Organization of AZERBAIJAN Society of Disabled Public Union

65. Mr. Elvin Talishinski – Head of the Public Union “Elin Sesi” Protection of National and Spiritual Values

66. Mr. Azer Aliyev – Head of the “Care for Future” Public Union

67. Ms. Lamiya Isazade – Head of the Social Protection of Orphans Public Union

68. Ms. Vefa Seyidova – Head of the “Meslek” care for Children with Mental and Physical Issues Public Union

69. Ms. Natavan Sahibali – Head of the Public Association for Support of Women's Social Development in Bilasuvar

70. Mr. Ilgar Isgandarov – Head of the “Towards Development” Public Union for Promotion of the Regional Socio-Economic Development

71. Mr. Shaban Nasirov – Head of the “Support to Public Participation” Public Union

72. Mr. Rashad Jafarov – Head of the “Towards Innovations” Youth Support Public Union

73. Ms. Indira Shamsivari – Head of the “Progress” Socio-Economic Research Public Union

74. Ms. Sabina Karimova – Head of the Public Association for Support of Social Protection and Integration of Persons with Disabilities

75. Mr. Adil Nasibov – Head of the Promotion of Bahram Nasibov's Works Public Union

76. Ms. Gulbahar Aliyeva – Head of the “Cultural Heritage and Multicultural Development" Enlightenment Public Union

77. Mr. Ilham Aliyev – Head of the Center for Legal and Democratic Reforms Public Union

78. Ms. Mehriban Huseynova – Head of the Support for Children Deprived of Parental Care Public Union

79. Ms. Esmira Orujova – Head of the “THE WAY OF MELANCHOLY” The Public Association of the help to prisoners of war and hostages

80. Mr. Eynulla Kheyrullayev – Head of the Guba Regional NGO Resource and Training Center

81. Mr. Murad Huseynli – Head of the “Tekan” Student Youth Public Union

82. Mr. Rauf Rajabov – Head of the Azerbaijan National Development Project Public Union

83. Mr. Siyavush Amirli – Head of the “Ulus” Foundation

84. Mr. Mukhtar Imanov – Head of the Folklorists Public Union

85. Ms. Aynur Aliyeva – Head of the “Regional Development Awareness-raising” Public Union

86. Mr. Avaz Hasanov - Humanitarian Research Public Union;

87. Mr. Nasimi Hasanov – Head of the Patriotic Azerbaijanis of the World Public Union

88. Ms. Tarana Ahmad – Head of the Public Union for social and moral support of children from orphans and low-income families

89. Mr. Sadig Hasanov – Head of the “Towards Healthy Life” Public Union

90. Mr. Chingiz Bayramov – Head of the “Turkey Universities Alumni” Public Union

91. Mr. Nasiman Yagublu – Head of the Support for History and Press Studies Public Union

92. Mr. Teymur Mirzayev – Head of the Regional Community Development and Poverty Reduction Support Public Union

93. Mr. Ilham Ismayilov – Head of the Cooperation Center of Azerbaijanis and other Turkic-speaking peoples Public Union

94. Mr. Nizami Muradoghlu – Head of the “Araz” Intellectuals Public Union

95. Mr. Mubariz Goyushlu – Head of the Modern Development Public Union

96. Mr. Taleh Aliyev – Head of the Support to Promotion of Civic Participation Public Union

97. Ms. Esmira Fuad – Head of the Book Foundation named after Mirza Ibrahimov

98. Ms. Aynura Huseynova – Head of the Youth Initiative in the Field of Anti-Drug

99. Mr. Fuzuli Karimov – Head of the Awareness for Civil Society Public Union

100. Mr. Famil Gozalov – Head of the Specialists’ Support for Public Awareness Public Union

101. Ms. Rada Abbas – Head of the Social Assistance to Women War Veterans

102. Mr. Hasil Tagiyev – Head of the “Gayidish” Public Union

103. Mr. Ayaz Mirzayev – Head of the Azerbaijan Journalists Network Public Union

104. Ms. Tahira Nagiyeva – Head of the “Loghman” Refugee Support Center Public Union

105. Ms. Konul Mukhtarova – Head of the Protection of National Values Public Union

106. Ms. Bayimkhanim Verdiyeva – Head of the Khan Shushinski Foundation

107. Ms. Nisa Gasimova – Head of the “Cultural Wave” Public Union for Promotion of Creativity

108. Ms. Kubra Mammadova – Head of the Regional Women’s Initiatives Public Union

109. Mr. Rafael Bejanov – Head of the Human Rights and Enlightenment Public Union

110. Mr. Dayanat Osmanli – Head of the “Turkic World Info” Public Union

111. Mr. Shahin Rajabov – Head of the “Azerbaijan Parent-Teacher Association” Public Union

112. Mr. Adil Adilov – Head of the Regional Development Assistance Public Union

113. Mr. Ragif Aliyev – Head of the Saatli Social Development Assistance Public Union

114. Ms. Khadija Mikayilova – Head of the Azerbaijan Disabled People's Society Public Union

115. Ms. Khuraman Agayeva – Head of the Psychological Rehabilitation of Sociological Groups Public Union

116. Mr. Hajiahmad Hasanov – Head of the “Faig” Public Union of Agricultural Producers

117. Mr. Rustam Malikov – Head of the “Ana Kur” PUBLIC UNION for Support to Environmental Issues Studies

118. Ms. Fatimat Aghamirzayeva – Head of the “Carpet World Association” Public Union

119. Mr. Farhad Abdulov – Member of the Support for Children and Teenagers Public Union

120. Mr. Elshan Musayev – Head of the “Innovative Ideas and Initiatives” Public Union

121. Mr. Nurlan Jabbarov – Head of the “Etimad” Psychological Support to Children and Youth Public Union

122. Mr. Vasif Sadigli – Head of the Religion and Democracy Center Public Union

123. Ms. Nubar Aliyeva – Head of the Support to Young Musicians Public Union

124. Mr. Ilaha Mahmudova – Head of the “Ziyali Ojagi” Public Union

125. Ms. Khanim Ahmadzade – Head of the Lawyer Women Public Union

126. Mr. Ruslan Khalilov – Head of the Promotion of Journalist Initiatives Public Union

127. Mr.Tofig Amrahov – Head of the Shabran Community Development Training and Resource Public Union

128. Mr. Famil Bakhishov – Head of the Support to Khachmaz Agricultural Development Public Union

129. Ms.Sevinj Karimova – Head of the “?ks-s?da” International Center for Journalistic Research Public Union

130. Mr. Ilkin Aghayev - Head of the the Integration into a Globalized World Public Union

131. Mr. Haji Narimanoghlu – Head of the Zangazur Societies Public Union

132. Mr. Gnyaz Yusifov – Head of the Social Support for Families Public Union

133. Mr. Jasarat Huseynzade – Head of the Support to Information Initiatives Public Union

134. Mr. Hasan Mammadov – Head of the “Shamsi Asadullayev” Charity Public Union

135. Mr. Ruslan Atakishiyev – Head of the Study of Economic Resources Public Union

136. Ms. Vafa Khalilli – Head of the Youth Support Public Union

137. Ms. Vusala Huseynova – Head of the Reformist Women and Innovations Public Union

138. Mr. Murad Garibli – Head of the Healthy Life Youth Enlightenment Public Union

139. Mr. Fikrat Khalilov – Head of the Combating Infectious Diseases Public Union

140. Mr. Dadash Guliyev – Head of the Defense of the Rights of Patriots Public Union

141. Ms. Gulshax Akhundova – Head of the Women Development Future Public Union

142. Mr. Elmar Huseynov – Head of the Support for compatriots Public Union

143. Ms. Roza Aligizi – Head of the “Soldier's Family Society” Public Union for the Propagation of Patriotism

144. Mr. Mehman Aliyev - Head of the Support for the Development of Modern Youth Public Union

145. Mr. Vugar Ahmadov – Head of the Azerbaijani-American Youth Public Union

146. Mr. Ilgar Orujov – Head of the “Azerbaijan Society of Young Scientists, Postgraduates and Masters” Public Union

147. Mr. Javad Gasimov – Head of the Talented People with Disabilities Public Union

148. Mr. Fikrat Yusifov – Head of the “Economics” International Economic Research Association

149. Ms. Novella Jafarova – Head of the Association for the Protection of Women's Rights named after Dilara Aliyeva

150. Mr. Vugar Bayramov – “Center for Economic and Social Development” Public Union;

151. Mr. Chingiz Ganizade - “Democracy and Human Rights Committee”;

152. Mr. Maharram Zulfugarli - Association for the Research of Social Problems;

153. Mr. Kamil Salimov - Prison Watch Public Association;

154. Mr. Fuad Mammadov – “Simurg” Azerbaijan Cultural Association;

155. Mr. Eyyub Huseynov – Independent Consumer Union;

156. Ms. Tanzila Rustamkhanli – “Azeri-Turk” Women’s Union;

157. Ms. Mirvari Gahramanova - Oil Workers Rights Protection Public Union;

158. Mr. Shamistan Alizamanli - “Support for the Promotion of Patriotism” Public Union;

159. Mr. Akif Naghi - Karabakh Liberation Organization;

160. Mr. Osman Gunduz - “Multimedia” Information Systems and Technologies Center;

161. Mr. Mayis Aliyev - "Investigation of Social Rights" Public Union;

162. Ms. Irada Rizazade - Public Association “Social Welfare for the Citizens”;

163. Ms. Bahar Gasimova - Republican Women's Society;

164. Ms. Malahat Ibrahimgizi - "Leader Women" Public Union;

165. Mr. Fuzuli Rzaguliyev - Public Union of the Azerbaijani Veterans of the Patriotic War;

166. Mr. Mehdi Mehdiyev – “Karabakh war disabled, veterans and families of martyrs" Public Union;

167. Mr. Umud Mirzayev – International Eurasia Press Fund;

168. Mr. Azer Alekberov – Head of the Baku School of Human Rights Public Union

169. Mr. Mahammad Aliyev – Head of the “Garabagh” Agricultural Development Support Public Union

170. Mr. Tural Guliyev – Head of the “Add?m” Youth Initiative Support Public Union

171. Ms. Naila Ismayilova – Head of the “Yeni Heyat” Humanitarian and Social Support Public Union

172. Ms. Atraba Mammadova – Head of the Support to War-Affected Families Public Union

173. Mr. Telman Dadashov – Head of the “Tereqqi” Social Development Public Union

174. Ms. Basti Nasibova – Head of the “Geleceye Bakh?sh” European Integration Public Union

175. Ms. Sevinj Alizadeh – Head of the "Zafar" Support to the Families of Martyrs Public Union

176. Ms. Firuza Babayeva – Head of the Society for International Cooperation of Persons with Disabilities Public Union

177. Ms. Shakarkhanim Aliyeva – Head of the "Gender Equality” Public Union

178. Ms. Gulnara Salimova – Head of the “GULSAM” Rehabilitation Centre of Disabled People Public Union

179. Ms. Irada Hasanova – Head of the “SEMA VE EKO” Assistance to Social and Economic Development Public Union

180. Mr. Mahsim Mahsimov – Head of the Support to the Development of Regional Media Public Union

181. Mr. Raji Safarov – Head of the “Tereggi” Youth Development Public Union

182. Ms. Mammadova Azade – Head of the

183. Mr. Vusal Mirzayev – Head of the "Assistance to Local Government" Public Union

184. Ms. Metanet Zeynalova – Head of the Our city “Sumgayit” Social Development Center Public Union

185. Mr. Davud Rahimli – Head of the Union of Disabled Persons Organizations

186. Ms. Khalide Mete – Head of the “Ganjafilm” Public Union for the Development of Cinematography

187. Ms. Elmira Mehdiyeva – Head of the “Yeni Fikir” JHIB Public Union

188. Mr. Afig Malikov – Head of the “Maarifperverlik” Public Association of Azerbaijani Youth Social Assistance

189. Mr. Ramin Mahmudov – Head of the “Yurd” Public Union for Support of Intellectual Development of Youth

190. Mr. Shahin Qadirov – Head of the “Zirve” Public Association of Culture and Art

191. Mr. Yadigar Mammadli – Head of the Public Union "Azerbaijan Democratic Journalists League"

192. Ms. Zarifa Asgerova _ Head of the Public Union of Families of Martyrs and National Heroes for the Motherland of the Republic of Azerbaijan

193. Mr. Anar Khalilov – Head of the “Healthy development and Awareness” Public Union

194. Ms. Maleyka Alizade – Head of the Ganja Regional Women's Center Public Union

195. Ilgar Gasimov – Head of the Legal Aid Public Union

196. Ms. Konul Aghayev - Head of the Digital Development Public Union

197. Ms. Lyudmila Khalilova – Head of the Women for Development of Municipalities Association

198. Ms. Leyli Guliyeva – Head of the Globalized Azerbaijan Civil Development Center Public Union

199. Mr. Namig Rzayev – Head of the “Ekomed” Public Union

200. Mr. Teymur Valiyev – Head of the Public Union for Social and Economic Reform Support

201. Ms. Rahila Mehtiyeva – Head of the "Socio-Economic and Environmental Development" Public Union

202. Ms. Gasim Khasmammadli – Head of the European Association of Young Azerbaijani Friends

203. Mr. Nasrulla Nurullayev – Head of the Care for the Elderly Intellectuals Public Union

204. Mr. Jalal Amanov – Head of the “Pr


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