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How Ordukhan Teymurkhan's legend was shaped - next episode of the sensation article (Third Part)

05 October 2018 [12:42] - TODAY.AZ

According to sources familiar with Ordukhan Babirov, he was almost entirely by the control of Russian intelligence agencies, and has not been abandoned by 1993; Relations with their relatives in Azerbaijan have been minimized. "Kentavr" was mainly traveling on board of foreign vessels of the Murmansk Shipping Company.

At this point, we would like to emphasize that according to some reports, during the Soviet era, GRU (Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Force of the Russian Federation) used "Aeroflot" and "Marine Fleet Department" (Murmansk Maritime Transport operated within the structure of this organization) as a cover organization for carrying out operational activities abroad. From this point of view, Ordukhan's activity as a "sailor" was not limited to "driving a car from abroad" as he said. At that time, the main task of the agents was to identify members of the ship crew planning to escape through maritime transport, collecting disparaging information on squad's smuggling activities, as well as finding out sailors who have connections with foreigners in order to carry out commercial transactions ... The information we received was "Kentavr" has demonstrated successful fulfillment of his tasks.

The information provided by the source and the clarifications we have made shows that, Ordukhan's "way" to Azerbaijan begun after "invasion" of Jabrail region in 1993, when family members settled in Garachukhur settlement in Baku. In 1990-1993 he began racketeering Azerbaijani hard-worker migrants in Russian bazaars, by a "criminal" rule of law, consequently, he was sending large sums of money to his family members in Azerbaijan. It was in those years that the Azerbaijani people in general lived in severe social conditions. Refugees who were displaced from their homes were in double severe conditions. Ordukhan, as if he had teased his fellow countrymen, created a high standard of living for his family in Baku, purchased home and land, constructed business facilities.

Here's a crucial point. In the previous article, we mentioned Ordukan's Facebook post about his support to his brothers during war days in Azerbaijan, as he said he sent money from Russia to his family members, who were fighting in Karabakh, and also shipped cars, transported weapons by those cars and so on.

But the facts are different: Her brothers have never fought, and expensive cars imported from abroad by the Azerbaijanis in Russia during Karabakh war have been used to improve their financial situation.

One of Ordukhan's brother Shakir's veteran credential, posted on social networks is also fake! The number of that credential does not exist on the registration list of a military commissioning system, there is no information about his service, and no one knows Shakir within other veterans! The source said that "Kentavr" was involved in operational investigations around the Chechens, who were involved in war operations in Chechnya in the second half of the 1990s, before settling in Azerbaijan (some for treatment, and some for asylum).

The main activity of the Ordukhan was to collect information about the Chechen fighters who had settled in Azerbaijan, who supported Zalimkhan Yandarbiyev, the Chechen president in 1996-1997, he murdered by the KGB in Doha in 2004. According to some data 10,000 Chechens have been settled in Azerbaijan at that time ...


A person familiar with the Babirov's family says that at that time Ordukhan generously opened the doors of his sports facilities in Azerbaijan to the Chechens who had found "shelter" in the country and he helped them to gather as a community in the facilities. Thus, obtaining the necessary information for the Russian military intelligence and sending it to his curator...

A source with enough information about Ordukhan's, says that Kentavr's activities in Russia have slowed down since 2000.  It was about the plans of the GRU using him for other purposes. It was also about the specification of authority between the Russian special services. In the process of preparing new military tasks, military intelligence had to imply new tasks to the agent's agenda.  This required the formation of a new "legend" for each prospective agent.

Under such circumstances, Ordukhan was accused of racketeering and money-laundering, violence against individuals, as well as law enforcement services issued wanted person notice about him. According to the new operation "legend", "Kentavr" has "committed" murders of smuggling towards elderly Russian women.  He tried to seize the property of several Russian women in fraud and in some episodes he succeeded. He also "began" to demand money from wealthy Russians by threatening them. Even though the GRU and other Russian law-enforcement agencies were searching for him, Kentavr was allowed to flee to Europe.

According to the source, the formation of a new "legend" of the agent in the activities of the security agencies is intended to provide the basis for the successful execution of different operational assignments of the same person. In a concrete example, this step is aimed at eliminating possible doubts about the existence of ties with the Russian authorities in the background of the departure of Ordukhan to the Western countries.

According to the information, he left Murmansk, and after finding asylum abroad he started operating in several directions on the basis of the planned operations of the GRU. His first mission was to conduct observations of the Azerbaijani political emigrants settled in the Netherlands, in particular, the leader of the Talish Mugan Republic, Alikram Hummatov. This can't be regarded as a random task. Because A.Hummatov is in contact with GRU in connection with the destructive activity in Azerbaijan. Ordukhan has to gain control over possible actions against these separatist by Azerbaijanis living in that country. After a while A.Humumatov was handed over as a source to the Armenian military intelligence by Russians, and Ordukhan was directed to his new mission.

At this stage, Ordukhan had to solve the issue of legalization in European country as a "dormant agent". He has started as a gigolo to expand his relationship with the older women, by enabling him to stay in the same country, learning about the native language and culture by increasing his level of education. The main objective of Kentavr was to acquire citizenship of the country, establish a small business network with the financial support of curators, and to secure the legalization of money to be sent for the execution of the assignments from the Center. In 2000-2010, Ordukhan was able to fulfill this task and directed more strategically important operations. Along the fact that starting in 2011, certain circles in Russia began to take different provocative steps against Azerbaijan.

This is primarily aimed at the concept of reducing the dependence of Europe's energy market on the Russian Federation and its actions against South Caucasus-Turkey-South Europe energy transit projects. Specifically, TANAP-TAP projects, which are considered as alternatives to Russian projects like "North Stream" and "South Stream" ...

In short, it should be noted that in Russia, many circles have resorted to various provocation options to prevent Azerbaijan from reaching Europe. In this regard, the QRU has started to use "Kentavr" in the dissolution of relations with authoritative regional organizations such as the Council of Europe, the European Parliament, the European Union, via various decisions, resolutions and campaigns against the country under the pretext of human rights abuses. The goal was to obstruct the power of the Azerbaijani state, including forming the nasty public opinion in Europe and hinder to creating an alternative energy supply infrastructure.

They have been written about it and published a bunch of articles on the Internet as well. For example, the article - "left-wing attack on Europe and Asia against Azerbaijan" published on (link - and "Russian finger pressure from Europe against Azerbaijan" (link -

Obviously, Russian intelligence is undoubtedly using him in the background of provocation ... The similar facts confirming the intelligence traces are being observed in regard to other countries as well.

The reasons for Kentavr's activation since 2015 are also clear. Since that year, TANAP-TAP has begun construction ...

It always has been such a question that why Ordukhan and his "whisperers" tried to present himself as a "dissident". True, they have not been able to finish this image with their disgusting, slothful behavior. But they are still trying to do so. They depict themselves as "patriots". Nevertheless, Ordukhan's mission is already known, but Azerbaijani "victims" around him are doing it to make ends meet, and obtain permission for permanent residency in the European country. Some of them are hostages of Ordukhan, directly QRU's ...

For many years, it was evident that the formation of a "dissident" image of its agent was one of the elements of the GRU activity tactics. In this context, Ordukhan's provocative activities against the Azerbaijani government are an issue of particular concern. This person actually tries to present his activity against the state as if it is a "democracy" matter. Actually, the goal is to provoke provocations against the Azerbaijani state and to remove the state interest the projects in favor of alternative "Russian gas"...

The source says that Ordukhan's mission in Europe is to ensure the control over the Azerbaijani migration contingent by Russian special services.  It is obvious that in the interests of foreign countries, he "purchases" the Azerbaijani refugees who are in the serious socioeconomic situation, with the income derived from the Dutch-born, financially secure women, as well as the sports centers created with the financial support of GRU.

There is also a clear point: Russian security services have increased their activity in recent years to gain access to operational control over immigrant circles settled in Europe, former USSR citizens, and influence the institutions and media outlets created by this contingent. Periodic emergence of anti-Azerbaijani materials on various internet resources, blogs, and social network pages is also evaluated in this context.

The Russian special services use this type of activity to study Russian-related methodologies of the Western donor organizations (freedom of speech, media funding for human rights projects, key stakeholders, etc.). The capabilities of Kentavr are widely used in this direction too (it is enough to recall the joint activity of Ordukhan with Meydan TV Director Emin Milli) ...


In addition to the above mentioned, one of the missions of "Kentavr" was to neutralize the coordinated activities of the Azerbaijani and Turkish diaspora organizations in Europe. The careful readers have not forgotten that, regardless of their political position in 2002-2013, the Azerbaijani refugees living in Europe held numerous rallies in front of various international organizations and hostile country's embassy, regarding the aggression of Armenia against Azerbaijan in Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, and the violence against civilians, including the Khojaly tragedy. You have probably forgotten that bloggers such as Habib Muntazir (Abdullayev), who are harshly positioned towards the government of Azerbaijan, are also involved in these events, even questioned by the German police. But did you see Ordukhan, whose fatherland was occupied, at this rally? On the contrary, Ordukhan has recently been targeted at breaking up and disseminating more diaspora organizations under the pretext of establishing democracy in Azerbaijan.

Investigation shows that Kentavr's behavior is not accidental. Through this, the QRU sought to plant discrimination and disintegration among the Azerbaijani and Turkish diaspora organizations, also to prevent the joint activities of compatriots living in foreign countries, and to carry out anti-patriotic campaigns against individual patriots.

In the past century Soviet security agencies have also done similar activities among the Azerbaijani refugees settled in Europe. At that time numerous scientific-research materials have been published by Azerbaijani researches.

The source also clarified Ordukhan's provocative statements during the tension of the socio-political situation in Azerbaijan. Especially in recent years, with the financial support of "Kentavr", some of the political fugitives have flooded the population via social network fake account with a call of massive disobedience and violence, armed resistance and rebellion using the backdrop of known events in Ganja. Ordukhan started publicizing such calls with Emin Milli, Mohammed Mirzali and other people after the law-enforcement authorities of Azerbaijan detected the circle of persons who spread illegal information on these clans in various social networks and some of them were announced internationally wanted by Interpol. At the same time, "Kentavrs defense" was organized via some "fake" profiles ("Firdowci Abdullaew", "Jamila Sarydzhali", "Michail Müller", "Ilgar Shahverdiyev", "Ramon Huseinni" and others), who do not write fluent Azerbaijani. Experts believe that the investigation of 'Yeni Musavat" has led to serious public resonance, including the questioning of Ordukhan in social networks, and the GRU has directed its own "troll factory" to manipulate public opinion in Azerbaijan and defend the exposed agent.

Thus, the clarifications we have made since a long time, the information provided by a person closely familiar with the Army is enough to come to the conclusion that Ordukhan and those around him actually commit serious crimes against the Azerbaijani state. In addition betraying their country, they are used as the main "tools" of the GRU in Europe.

The research is to be continued...


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